About the Energy Collection

Hi! I'm Jude, the owner and creator of The Stack Jewelry. Thank you for stopping by and exploring my collection!

This latest release marks the third drop since our launch in October 2023. It's been a journey of discovery, finding my unique style and the essence I wish to share with the world. While I don't claim to have all the answers yet, this collection feels like a significant step closer to expressing my authentic self and the energy I want to infuse into my creations.

Introducing the Energy Collection—a curated selection of pieces that hold personal meaning to me and, I hope, resonate with you too.

Throughout these new additions, you'll notice a variety of shapes and motifs: gentle waves, fluid forms reminiscent of water, lustrous pearls, captivating horse eyes, and celestial symbols. Each element is a homage to the things I cherish—the boundless depths of the ocean, the mysteries of space, and the invigorating energy they impart.

I believe in adding a personal touch to every jewelry stack. That's why this collection features exquisite zodiac pendants and carefully chosen stones, inviting you to infuse your own story into your jewelry.

I'm genuinely love each and every piece in this collection, and I sincerely hope you'll find something that speaks to you too.